Residential - Shingles

We at Heartland Roofing Siding Windows LLC,  like to give our customers an on site estimate with three shingle options; sort of a good, better, best approach.

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Heartland Roofing First, is a 20 year 3-tab non-AR standard shingle. It is important to know several things about this type of shingle. It is considered now-a-days to be a builder grade shingle, meaning it is the thinnest grade shingle that you can purchase. Also, it is a non-AR shingle, meaning it is not algae resistant.

Algae resistance is a combination of two elements; copper and zinc. When these two elements are present in the make-up of the shingle, it will then ward off about 70% of all molds, mildews and algaes that cause the black streaking on the roof for a period of about 10 years. Again, the 20 yr shingle is a non-AR shingle, and for that reason, we do not recommend this type of shingle for a residential application.

Second, is the 25 year 3-tab AR shingle. This shingle has the same appearance as the 20 year shingle with these exceptions; it is thicker and it does have the ar ingredient formulated into its makeup.

It is important to note why a shingle is made thicker. The thicker the shingle the higher the wind resistance.

Third, is the 30 year AR dimensional (architectural) shingle. It is a laminated shingle; meaning it is made slightly different than the standard 3-tab shingle giving it a cottage or cedar shake appearance. This shingle is quickly becoming the most popular.

Note that the dimensional shingles are also available in 40 year and 50 year.