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Roof Repair In Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro Residential Roofing & Repair

Heartland Roofing-Siding & Window Company LLC offers Murfreesboro, TN residents and commercial owners a roofing company that has many years of experience and 5 star customer ratings to prove it.

Through our web site we hope to introduce and educate you on the various types of roofing applications available in the market today, as well as which type would be suitable for the job you have in mind.

** Attention: we are a local company, don't be fooled by the "Storm Chasers" here today , gone tomorrow.  **

We have broken down these applications into three areas: 
Murfreesboro Residential Roofing, Murfreesboro Commercial Roofing, Heartland Roofing Company, LLC of
Murfreesboro has been serving Murfreesboro & Middle Tennessee since 1991.  We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1996.

Heartland Roofing-Siding-Windows-Siding-Windows Company Murfreesboro, TN


Call to have one of our Murfreesboro Roofing professional representatives inspect your roof to see if it is in need of replacement or just some repair work. If it is in need of replacement we will go over the roofing process and give you a "no hidden charge" proposal for the roofing project.
When one of our Murfreesboro roofing consultants visits your home to give you an estimate for your roof, they will take into consideration about five basic factors to determine the cost of your new roof.

First: They will look at the accessibility to your home. In other words, can our crews maneuver around the home easily without being hindered by fences, extensive flower beds, pools, decks or other structures not related to the job, etc.

Second: They will check to see how many layers of
roof shingles already exist on the home. Multiple layers will mean more labor in tearing the old roofing material off as well as more in dumping fees to haul the trash away to the local landfill.

Third: They will note the degree of angle or pitch factor of your roof. An increase in pitch is an increase in price, due to the danger involved while working on a steep roof.

Fourth: Is the size of the roof, obviously larger roofs will require more labor and materials.

Fifth: Is the quality of shingles that you as the customer, choose to be used on your home.

Murfreesboro Roof Cleaning Service

Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning… No Pressure Washers used!!

Murfreesboro Roofing CompanyDid You Know….

Shingle roofs over time develop black stains over the entire life of the shingle. This is caused by algae. The algae is actually a living organism that is feeding off of the asphalt in the shingle. Left unattended, this creates shortened shingle life, increases electric bills because of the insulating factor of the algae and is just not attractive from the street. Our process involves a high volume and very low pressure to apply professional quality chemicals and thorough rinse. No Pressure Washing Equipment is used in the process!!

The black discoloration on your roof isn’t actually dirt at all. Your roof is discolored and streaked because Algae is growing on it. This plant thrives in the humid climate here in Murfreesboro Tennessee. It feeds on the limestone filler now being used in your shingles. In years past, this plant simply didn’t have a food source. Therefore, roof cleaning was seldom necessary. This all changed with the introduction of fiberglass roofing shingles during the past 20 years. The fiberglass roofing shingles made today contain massive amounts of alkaline food that this algae just loves to eat! That food of course, is the limestone currently being used by shingle roofing manufacturers.

How in the world does limestone get into fiberglass roofing shingles you might ask?
It’s very simple. The limestone is added to the asphalt mixture as a filler or thickener.
Years ago, this was not necessary, as an organic felt mat was used as the base for the shingles. This mat was saturated with asphalt and then coated with ceramic granules. Because of the absorptive qualities of the mat, it was able to soak up enough asphalt to give the finished roofing shingle
Murfreesboro_Roof_Cleaning sufficient weight. The materials used for the mat were derived from the cotton rag scrap market.

Well, about 20 years ago this rag market dried up because of the widespread introduction of cheaper synthetic textiles from China and India, such as nylon and polyester. The roofing manufacturers scrambled, and decided to use fiberglass as a mat. However, a problem quickly arose. The thin fiberglass mat didn’t absorb asphalt like the old organic mat did. Something had to be added to the asphalt to increase the weight of the shingle. So, the manufacturers decided to use limestone, which is plentiful and cheap.

Because the Algae growing on your roof is now being “fed” by this filler, the newer, “limestone enhanced” shingles, get “dirty” even faster! It is not the fault of improper installation, or incorrect shingle selection by your roofing contractor. Sort of like a lawn being fertilized, this Algae is feeding on your roof!

Algae can cause premature granule loss, and shorten roof life. As your lighter colored roof is turned black by the
Roof_Cleaners_In_Murfreesboro accelerated growth of the Algae, it becomes less reflective, and it retains more heat. This makes your air conditioner work harder to overcome the increased heat load, costing you money, and increased discomfort.

This Algae spreads itself by unseen, microscopic airborne spores, just like a dandelion weed. Your roof algae infestation can easily spread to your neighbors home. As you can see, a dirty roof is not just an eyesore. Nobody likes to be told that they have to clean their roof by their Homeowners Association or Property Manager. However, allowing it to remain dirty will compromise the efforts of your neighbors, who are trying to keep their own roofs clean! Many of you have witnessed first hand what happens when an uncaring neighbor allows weeds to take over their lawn…. Pretty soon, the weeds spread to the immediate neighbors, and then throughout the neighborhood.

The bottom line is this…. Allowing your roof to remain dirty can, and will, compromise your whole Murfreesboro neighborhood!

Commercial Roofing in Murfreesboro, TN

Commercial Roofing, Roofers in Murfreesboro TNHeartland Roofing Company is experienced in many types of commercial roofing, and specializes in large Apartment complexes and Condos. We use only the highest quality products available in our industry, and all of our installers are highly trained professionals.

We have a variety of solutions to fit any of your roofing needs including:
Urethane Foam / Polyurea Coating
EDPM Rubber
• Shingles

Our Large crews equals less time on your property, and less interruptions for your clients or tenants.
Call Heartland Roofing-Siding- Company today and an expert will discuss all of your options and provide you with a competitive bid. Shingle Roofs with 130 MPH wind rating. "Green Roofs"- White TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)


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