Residential Projects


Call to have one of our professional representatives inspect your roof to see if it is in need of replacement or just some repair work. If it is in need of replacement we will go over the roofing process and give you a "no hidden charge" proposal for the roofing project.

When one of our roofing consultants visits your home to give you an estimate for your roof, they will take into consideration about five basic factors to determine the cost of your new roof.

First: They will look at the accessibility to your home. In other words, can our crews maneuver around the home easily without being hindered by fences, extensive flower beds, pools, decks or other structures not related to the job, etc.

Second: They will check to see how many layers of shingles already exist on the home. Multiple layers will mean more labor in tearing the old material off as well as more in dumping fees to haul the trash away to the local landfill.

Third: They will note the degree of angle or pitch factor of your roof. An increase in pitch is an increase in price, due to the danger involved while working on a steep roof.

Fourth: Is the size of the roof, obviously larger roofs will require more labor and materials.

Fifth: Is the quality of shingles that you as the customer, choose to be used on your home.

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